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Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Cultivate Patient Loyalty: 8 Key Strategies

It is obvious and common known that acquiring new patients through online advertising methods is a relatively straightforward task. However, the real challenge lies in

Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Get More, New and Returning Patients

In today’s highly competitive market, there is a significant focus on acquiring new patients. While this approach is not wrong, it often unfortunately leads to

Business Mindspace

PSAMKA Webinar – 21/06/2023

Athens, June 2023:   The educational activity of UpMyBusiness continues with a 2-hour educational webinar for PSAMKA members: On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, with the

Working with your People

18/03/2023 – Medi Cosmetic’s Team Training

How to introduce hyaluronic acid treatment to your patients. Athens, 18 March 2023 Introducing an “expensive” treatment to medical aesthetics patients is always a challenge.

Working with your People

Inbound Calls

Inbound calls are one of the most important touch points for patients and successful phone management is a powerful tool to help your practice grow

Business Mindspace

The false security of a full schedule

It is not uncommon to hear people talk about the health of their practices by confidently stating how far they are “booked out.” How long

Working with your People

The 6 Growth Pillars – Staff Management

All business people agree on one rule coming to the run of their business: “The most valuable resource for any organisation is its people“. Creating

Business Mindspace

The 6 Growth Pillars – Operational Strategy

Strategic business planning is a prerequisite for the sustainability and profitability of any business and is consisted of 3 basic stages: Understanding of the present

Branding & Marketing Transformation

Let the world know how good you are!

So you have been practicing for many years. And you are constantly delivering great results and keeping hundreds of patients happy and returning. Why not

News & Views

Medical Beauty Awards 2020 Judging Committee

Upmybusiness Founder among the Judges for Medical Beauty Awards 2020 Chalandri, Attika, 1.10.2020 Last evening, the Medical Beauty Awards 2020 ceremony took place in House124,

Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Build a Schedule for your Patients

Working with your existing patients database is the most important thing if you want your business to grow. Remember: Acquiring a new patient requires x

Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Mitigate Patients’ Fear & Insecurity

Sooner or later, your practice will open. And, yes, patients will want to return to their treatment routine and enjoy the results you can offer

Branding & Marketing Transformation

Prepare yourself for the “come back”

Now, more than ever before, you have to unfold all your creative ideas on how to relaunch your business. Your patients will return with expectations

Branding & Marketing Transformation

Social Media Calendar during COVID-19

Let’s face the situation properly: We all agree that your daily contact with your patients is mainly done through social media channels. And the common

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Protect your loyal patients

So, as said before, we need to keep contact with our audience. Using social media you surely address to everyone. But what happens to your

Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Take care of your online audience

Remember: Your communication with your audience should be a priority for you now. Why? Just because: They want to hear the news from the doctor

Branding & Marketing Transformation

People Trusting Brands During Coronavirus Pandemic

Some very interesting data were recently published from Daniel J. Edelman Holdings, Inc.- Communication Firm on the behavior that this pandemic has triggered to people.

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