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Your Team – Your Most Valuable Business Asset

All business people agree on one rule coming to the run of their business:

“ The most valuable resource for any organisation is its people “

You are running a medical aesthetics business. But you are not alone on this journey or – to place it properly – you shouldn’t be alone on this journey. Your team, the people you work with and trust, should be your supporters in building with excellence every step of your prospects and existing patients’ journey.

Let’s explore together, by answering some simple questions, how well are you performing in training and coaching your team:

Is my staff well trained to handle the patient journey?

In medical aesthetics environment, positive and eventually “unforgettable” patient experience is the key to success for every medical practice. Along with your marketing efforts, your medical expertise and the great results you offer to your patients, creating positive patient experience heavily depends also to the team you have in place; finding, training and retaining the right staff is of utmost importance.

Remember that staff members interact with patients to every touchpoint and often spend more time with them than the doctor. So, it is particularly important to train and coach your staff on how to handle every step of the patient journey, even before the patient enters your practice:

  • Patient Phone Call Handling: How soon can the patient get the information for the treatment that he/she is calling for?  How confident do you feel that the communicated message is correct?
  • Schedule Appointment: How much possible is that the patient books the appointment at his/her convenient day and time? If not, how are the alternatives handled?
  • Patient check-in: Do you have a standard procedure to welcome the patient in your premises? Is the GDPR included? Do you inform your patient for a possible delay?  Do you offer beverages during waiting time? Is the overall welcoming experience reflecting your business and personal style?
  • Treatment room: Is someone taking the patient to the treatment room? Is the patient informed on what to expect in case it is the first time having the procedure?
  • Check out- Follow upQ After the procedure is finalized, does someone guide the patient to the check-out procedure? Is check-out private? Will the patient receive after treatment instructions and a contact person in case of emergency?

Staff training is an investment that you need to make if you want to increase your team’s productivity and performance, to work with uniformity in the functions and the procedures of your business and to skip the day-to-day supervision.

Some tools – tailor made to your business needs – should come along with the training module for your team. The setup and implementation of some SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures) within the team as well as some reports and some tools to monitor the progress of all the actions agreed are absolutely necessary to make sure that all the agreed actions are delivered and followed-up.

If you share with us the importance of a well trained team, we can discuss further with you the opportunity to assess your team’s needs, your aspirations and to design a bespoke training module for your most valuable asset in your business: your people! Just click here and we will contact you.

I’d be more thank happy to receive your comments / feedback or any question you might have.



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