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22/04/2023 – Follow-up after training: Too important to be omitted!

Post-training activities are essential for the training learners to digest all the information received during the primary training while the development initiatives have ended.

There are some specific techniques used to engage learners post-training to ensure that learners retain most of what they have learned and also implement it. In that way participants are helped by cementing on what they have learned, reminding them to practice new skills and offering them the opportunity to ask questions for any “on-the-job” issue they might be dealing with.

Why do the follow-up?

It is important for the trainer as well as for the management of the clinic to capitalize on the training module already offered by:

  • Determining what the medical aesthetics clinic staff has learnt during the module.
  • Giving the team time to reflect on their learning prior to their execution of the post-training accountabilities.
  • Getting useful feedback in an organized manner to do the necessary deviations and built an efficient future training planning.
  • Offering the team the opportunity to practice their skills or discuss their experiences as they try to apply their knowledge on the job.

So, once more, UpMyBusiness follow-up took place for one of our customers:

Three months after our staff training (doctors, nurses, beauticians and administrative staff) and a thorough study on the findings of our special questionnaire as well as on the conclusions coming from the management team, we spent a follow-up day with the amazing team of SkinDoctor and ananeosis on refreshing our consultation skills for a patient and on daily agreed procedures inside the clinic.

Thanks to everyone for their dedication to learning.

Our favourite quote:

“When you truly dedicate yourself to your goals, there is no way not to achieve them”

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