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Business Growth Fundamentals for a Medical Aesthetics Clinic & Collaboration opportunities with UpMyBusiness

In the highly competitive environment of Medical Aesthetics, the components of a private practice’s success are many and often include complex and time-consuming actions. Active Doctors in Medical Aesthetics are no longer supposed to think and act only as health experts. They also expected to think and act as businesspeople and build a successful and profitable business model.

It is important for a business to be able to understand its position in the market and to design and implement a well-structured sustainability and growth strategy. In this effort, it is often needed to collaborate with experienced professionals to facilitate the proper business setup, introduce the necessary business tool and to establish the necessary procedures for the smooth function of the practice.

UpMyBusiness with more than 20 years solid of experience in the field of Medical Aesthetics can be your ally for your practice’s growth. The presentation available below, contains all the business fundamentals that consist a sustainable and profitable private practice in Medical Aesthetics as well as the collaboration opportunities with the team of UpMyBusiness experts. The fundamental growth pillars described are:

  • Business Strategy
  • Pricing
  • Service Packages – Treatment Plans
  • Patient Monitoring Tools (CRM)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Patient’s journey inside the clinic
  • Staff Training
  • Tasks management and SOPs
  • Business Performance Assessment Tool (Check Up My Business)

Download the completely free of charge PDF (or view the online flipbook here) and get familiar with the proper growth plan for a private medical aesthetics practice along with the suggested collaboration framework with Up My Business.

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