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18/03/2023 – Medi Cosmetic’s Team Training

How to introduce hyaluronic acid treatment to your patients.

Athens, 18 March 2023

Introducing an “expensive” treatment to medical aesthetics patients is always a challenge. Proper pricing is certainly needed but this is not enough: We also need to work in building dedicated and tailor-made treatment plans that will include the treatment in order to offer better and long lasting results. And while establishing all these, you just to make sure that your staff is well trained to handle with excellence the consultation process. In other words, to find and use the right arguments to highlight the “value” of the treatment and tackle any pricing objections.

That was our main training topic during our sessions in a nice venue in the center of Athens. We mingled with a team of Medical Aesthetics professionals, full of energy and motivation. We discussed on how to build with excellence our consultation trip to better serve each patient’s expectations. And we identified all the opportunities to embed hyaluronic acid injections in an effective and rewarding treatment plan.

Many thanks to the Founder of Medi Cosmetic chain of clinics, Mrs Maria Xatzianastasiou for her trust and to the entire team for their valuable contribution in our fruitful meeting.

Next step is the implementation of the agreed procedures and the proper use of the tailor made consultation tools.

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