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14/03/2023 – Doctor Bliampti’s Clinic Staff Training

Success is not about luck. It is all about proper planning and smart management decisions.

After designing and delivering two staff training sessions some months ago, we keep walking on our training pathway with two follow up sessions to introduce new elements to the team’s skills and to refresh some learnings. And today, part I session took place.

Once more, I would like to thank Venetia Bliampti for her trust in our training scheme and congratulate her for being fully consistent in educating and training her team, the most valuable asset for her business.

Looking forward to our next meeting to discuss on other interesting topics.

Continuous Business Education (CBE) for each clinic tram is paramount for a successful medical aesthetics business model.

Be smart and invest in your team’s skills.

Learn more on how we can collaborate in training your own team here

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