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What you can change to achieve maximum performance for your team.

In our daily lives we should try to be flexible and let things evolve naturally when there are constant changes. However, when it comes to managing a doctor’s office, we can’t leave things completely to chance. It is important to act promptly and methodically.

So, to become better we need changes, and to differentiate ourselves through our performance, we need those changes to be consistent and serve specific purposes.

But instead of talking about “change,” we can use words like “evolution,” “update,” and “upgrade”.

But until we get to the point of making “changes” in the business, it is very important to see what we can improve through our own actions. The main actions that should be a priority for a doctor – entrepreneur follow below:

  • Systematic monitoring of the main performance indicators of the practice to understand what works well and where we need to make changes.
  • In-depth analysis of each decision (instinctive decisions are not always the best solution).
  • Holding short meetings to harmonize the ideas and actions of the whole team.
  • A properly structured training program for the better training of the clinic team, both in the scientific part and in the field of properly approaching patient’s needs (sales techniques).

To help your team perform better, follow can this path:

First, do not make the mistake of turning yourself into the team’s psychologist. It is important to listen to their problems, but make sure that you remain objective and not discriminate any team member.

Now that we’ve clarified the emotional part, let’s look specifically at what we can do for a results-oriented team:

Set clear responsibilities for each team member.

  • Set clear goals for each period and communicate them.
  • Offer performance bonuses as a reward for good results.
  • Organize regular training seminars.
  • Help them develop their organizational and communication skills.
  • Ask them frequently for their opinion on services and procedures.
  • Keep them well trained in the process of preparation, organization, documentation, and research, not just execution methods.

Now to the question of who has time to deal with and implement all these things, the answer is clear: EVERYONE. For an organization to function smoothly, it needs all its mechanisms to move in the same direction. Every element is important regardless of the level of performance of each. It is essential that we all participate in the agreed procedures at all times. And when I say everyone, I mean even us, in UpMyBusiness, being a company that constantly offer seminars and training programs for medical and non-medical staff and often happen to be directly involved in the goals and processes of each business.

If you would like to know the ways in which together we can change your business for the better, contact us here.

Success rests on perseverance.


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