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The 6 Growth Pillars – Marketing Your Practice

Doing marketing in Medical Aesthetics means much more than just being active on social media.

It should consist of a rather complex but also vital set of actions, directly linked to business growth. Simply spending a lot of marketing budget randomly without a plan usually fails. A robust and effective strategy is designed around the laser focused target audience, the selection of services to promote, the patient profile to attract, the branding messages etc. Moreover, in-clinic marketing activities are equally important to external communication channels in spreading the marketing messages to the audience and recruit new patients. Well-designed and properly executed marketing plan can set a business apart from the competition and build patient loyalty.

Marketing should assertively provide the answer to the common question: ‘Why choose us?’. So, its key elements should be the following:

  • Marketing and proper communication of all the offered services by the clinic
  • Use Facebook & Instagram platforms to stay connected with your audience
  • Monitoring and optimising new patients’ recruitment channels
  • Use your website as your single most valuable on-line asset
  • Maximise GoogleBusinessProfile utilisation, the most important – and free -internet marketing tool

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