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Upmybusiness – Hellenic Society of Dermasurgery Collaboration

Athens, February 2021: Upmybusiness team is honoured to be chosen by the Executive Committee of the Hellenic Society of Dermasurgery as the official partner of the Medical Society’s Corporate Social Responsibility new actions.
Our kickoff is the new section in the website, the Patients’ Blog as well as the Social Media Branding Strategy, by revamping the Facebook page of HSDS and  launching the new Instagram page
HSDS has partnered with Upmybusiness team to offer to patients a blend of medical information in all dermatological range as well as the latest news from medical aesthetics global industry. The most senior leadership is directly involved in the creation of this content, and they are committed to deliver, in a regular basis, unbiased and informative articles to educate patients and to dissolve any misconceptions coming from unreliable sources
We are very happy for our new collaboration and we look forward to building together a new and very exciting patient’s experience.
Stay tuned 😉

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