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Leading with empathy and address patients’ concerns during COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, medical practices that lead with empathy and genuinely address patient concerns can strengthen relationships
What is the definition of empathy? In simple words,
Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others
And never has been before a situation similar to this pandemic period.
It is so important that we all understand that the approach to patients should be very thoroughly designed and delivered in a way that we can really touch their concerns, their worries and their expectations in ways much different than we used to do so. If we succeed to that, we have a good chance to strengthen our relationships with them and build loyalty.
Right now, a big part of the patient journey is taking place at home from where patients:
  • Get the triggering messages for the initial thought of receiving a treatment
  • Get more information about the procedure they are interested in, and
  • Seek for ways to virtually visit your practice and receive an online consultation on their concern

So, your doors may be closed for a while –  but obviously your lines of communication shouldn’t be. As patients surf through internet and spend many hours in the social media, it is your time to hook their attention. It is your unique chance to:

  • Educate them on solutions they can benefit from, with the latest treatment protocols
  • Show leadership by driving the information and the messages published
  • Establish your expertise in your scientific field

It is a good opportunity for goodwill and visibility. As the audience is quite captive right now, your omnipresence can work in the beneficial way for all sides.

Remember that misleading messages are everywhere, people are looking for sound, unbiased information

Even though this webinar was delivered last Spring, its content is still touching the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic situation that we are all experiencing!

It is worth watching it… 🎬


Stay strong!


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