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The 6 Growth Pillars – Staff Management

All business people agree on one rule coming to the run of their business: “The most valuable resource for any organisation is its people“. Creating positive patient experience is mostly down to the team you have in place; finding, training, and retaining the right staff is of utmost importance.

A happy and well-trained team ensures optimal patient satisfaction, top-quality services, and the smooth operation of all procedures. It is, therefore, necessary to continuously train your staff in all procedures they are expected to perform and provide them with the right tools so that mistakes and omissions in everyday practice will be avoided.

The key aspects to focus on, in pursue for the smooth and well-structured operation of the clinic team, are as follows:

  • Phone call management and handling of eventual complaints or objections
  • The smooth procedure of reservations (appointments) even under pressure
  • General operation rules that apply to all group members on all premises
  • Incentives and staff rewarding efforts to maximize their performance

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