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The 6 Growth Pillars – Excellence in “Patient’s Journey”

Medical Aesthetics patients want much more than good services and safe results.

They seek an impeccable experience in every touchpoint with the practice that will make them feel special and unique. Thus, the entire “Patient journey” has to be specially designed to meet these expectations. The typical patient journey from the initial thought to the assessment of a procedure mainly follows 7 steps: The initial thought to go under a procedure, the enquiry for information about the procedure, the first contact with the practice, the consultation procedure inside the practice, the medical procedure / treatment, the review and the follow-up after the procedure and finally the assessment of the result and the next steps.

The key points of this pillar focus on the perfect planning at all steps of the patients’ visit as well as all stages of interaction with them:

  • Before the patient’s check-in (Contact by phone or online)
  • Check-in process in the reception
  • Pre-Treatment preparation
  • Pre-Treatment essential information for the doctor
  • Excellence in patient consultation
  • Treatment data registration
  • Patient check-out procedures
  • Treatment follow-up
  • Patient satisfaction survey

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Excellence in Patients’ Journey

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Excellence in Patients’ Journey

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