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PSAMKA Webinar – 21/06/2023

Athens, June 2023:


The educational activity of UpMyBusiness continues with a 2-hour educational webinar for PSAMKA members:

On Wednesday, June 21, 2023, with the participation of more than 50 executives from the PSAMKA member companies, an online business coaching module was held entitled: “The Basic Principles of Planning and Consulting Process for a Successful Sale”


During our interaction with the attendees that lasted for more than 2 hours, the basic principles of strategic pillars were analyzed for the growth of a company. We focused on the customer’s approach tactics that sales executives should be trained at:


• Planning the visit to a customer (Pre call planning): How can we better prepare before approaching each customer

• The IIBAC sales techniques (5 stages): What are the 5 stages of selling during our customer visit and what are the tricky elements that we need to be aware of

• Negotiation Skills: How to prepare for a win-win partnership deal. What are the basic principles of negotiation and how to emphasize the value of products so that the discussion does not focus on their price

• Concession in a negotiation: How to make compromises or offer something of value to customers in a negotiation to reach an agreement. It is an essential part of negotiation as it involves the willingness to give up something to gain something else in return.



On the second part of our training session, with the feedback we gained from a special questionnaire ahead of the training day, we addressed several topics touched by the participants:

• Targeting customers

• Ideal time of visit

• Objection management

• Ways to handle a negative customer

• Customers’ Journey

• The need for advertising and communication to the final consumer

In collaboration with the PSAMKA Board of Directors, we intend to soon draw up an educational program for a series of more detailed coaching sessions on all the above elements. Our goal is to better prepare the sales force teams to meet the increased challenges of the market and competition.

We thank PSAMKA and its president, Mr. Galanis, for the trust and support to our business coaching modules.


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