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The 6 Growth Pillars – Business Development Opportunities

The services included in the portfolio of a business,operating in the field of Medical Aesthetics, are plenty and varied, potentially reaching out to any individual. Apart from ‘traditional’ and conventional activities, there are many opportunities for further development and revenue increase, especially by introducing novel income-generating activities. These activities mainly abide by the trends favoured by internet users and include the combination of services with the right skin care products for better results and meet one’s need to travel in order to get the treatment he / she desires in better conditions or price.

If we were to rank development opportunities according to importance, the top 4 would be:

  • Online consultation for patients not able or not wanting to visit the practice
  • Skin care products available for even better treatment results
  • E-shop for easy and fast skin care product orders
  • Patients recruiting from other cities /countries (Medical Tourism)

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