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Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Build a Schedule for your Patients

Working with your existing patients database is the most important thing if you want your business to grow. Remember: Acquiring a new patient requires x

Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Mitigate Patients’ Fear & Insecurity

Sooner or later, your practice will open. And, yes, patients will want to return to their treatment routine and enjoy the results you can offer

Branding & Marketing Transformation

Prepare yourself for the “come back”

Now, more than ever before, you have to unfold all your creative ideas on how to relaunch your business. Your patients will return with expectations

Branding & Marketing Transformation

Social Media Calendar during COVID-19

Let’s face the situation properly: We all agree that your daily contact with your patients is mainly done through social media channels. And the common

Business Mindspace

Protect your loyal patients

So, as said before, we need to keep contact with our audience. Using social media you surely address to everyone. But what happens to your

Excellence in Patients’ Journey

Take care of your online audience

Remember: Your communication with your audience should be a priority for you now. Why? Just because: They want to hear the news from the doctor

Branding & Marketing Transformation

People Trusting Brands During Coronavirus Pandemic

Some very interesting data were recently published from Daniel J. Edelman Holdings, Inc.- Communication Firm on the behavior that this pandemic has triggered to people.

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