The 6 Growth Pillars for every Medical Aesthetics Business

The 6 Growth Pillars for every Medical Aesthetics Business

If you have been running a medical aesthetics business, you have certainly realized that offering high-quality treatments is not enough to build a successful business in this very demanding and competitive field. In today’s reality, most of Medical Aesthetics professionals are wearing two hats: Medical Doctor and Businessperson at the same time: Besides offering high standard medical services, they need to think and act as a businessperson, develop, and follow a sustainable and profitable business model.

Thus, most of the time they struggle to map out specific objectives and initiatives towards business growth. Every clinic, after all, has its distinctive strengths and weaknesses and faces a unique combination of threats and opportunities. Accurately assessing all these is the only way to determine what goals are reasonable and where management should focus its performance-improvement efforts.

Embarking on this kind of diagnosis, however, can be daunting because there are countless possible points of entry. Each clinic manager faces multiple challenges, from the proper monitoring of the business results to all the procedures needed to deliver with excellence the patient journey.

Should he start by proper business planning? Should he focus on the effectiveness of the clinic staff? Should he work on the repeat business principles or on the new business fundamentals? Medical Doctors – Managers often do not know where to begin from and are confused with the steps to take towards business growth. They mostly do whatever they feel more comfortable with. But that approach is not likely to produce either the thoroughness or the accuracy that managers and the business situation require.

To better understand the fundamentals of doing Business in Medical Aesthetics, utilising
our collective decades of business growth experience in this industry, there are 6 major
pillars that require executional excellence in every aspect to start “upping the game”:

The 6 Growth Pillars in Medical Aesthetics
Learn what really matters for the growth of your business.
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