Sales Force Coaching Modules

Sales Force Coaching Modules

Why a Module for the Sales Force?

Best sales team can sell any product, whether it is a market leader or an up-and-coming product. To do this, however, they need sales skills, tools to increase productivity and coaching how to use them, and thorough knowledge of the product.

We can offer a full training scheme with three different modules and cover all the basic knowledge every member should possess to survive in the Medical Aesthetics industry

What makes a salesperson to be successful?

You can name someone to be successful in sales when he can effectively respond to several key challenges on how to:

  • Increase sales volume
  • Enhance the profitability of each customer relationship
  • Work effectively with all kind of customers
  • Differentiate himself & his product from competition
  • Utilise limited internal support most effectively
Our Business Modules for Sales Force Team

Capitalising on our experience of managing Allergan Medical Aesthetics Business Unit for many years, we know exactly what a sales force team needs to have (skills, guidance, tools) to accomplish the corporate targets. So we have built three Training Modules that address to the needs and develop all the required skills that a person should possess in order to meet the sales target of his company in a very competitive environment such as the Medical Aesthetics.

Module 1: Pre-Call Planning & IIBAC selling skills

Benefits of pre call planning:

  • Meticulously plan the call
  • Set realistic objectives and structure the call
  • Use the right support materials & plan questions and objectives
  • Effective calls with follow-up actions

IIBAC selling skills coaching:

  • Introduction to the call
  • Identify properly the needs of the customer
  • Benefits analysis of the products
  • Acknowledge any objections and handle them
  • Close the call with a deal
Module 2: Sales Process Guide

Main steps description:

  • Segmentation – Form Groups of Customers with similar characteristics
  • Targeting – Define a value proposition and an action plan for each customer
  • Capacity Planning – Identify the optimal amount of resources to use
  • Territory operational excellence – Properly allocate people to territories
  • Execution and Tracking- Implement, track and report the planned activities
Module 3: Situational Sales Negotiation

Learnings and analysis on:

  • The sales negotiation principles
  • The management of Concessions
  • Responding to Tactics & Tough Situations
  • Complex Negotiations
  • Relationship Behaviours
After delivering the training modules, each trainee is expected to:
  • Get what he/she wants and need from customers
  • Maintain productive customer relationships
  • Increase account profitability in the process
  • Practice and apply new principles, tools, and skills to reach better agreements
  • Know how to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements that meet both sides needs
Ahead of the Training Day:
  • We work closely with the company’s management team on identifying the needs and the commercial strategy of the sales department
  • A questionnaire is prepared and sent to all the participants to explore the training needs of the team and to prepare bespoke training features
  • Pre-reading material is sent 2 weeks prior to the training dates

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