Our success story with an international cosmetics Brand in the Corporate Industry

Liaising Cosmetics Company with Dermatology Key Opinion Leaders

A global cosmetics brand, LIERAC Paris, launched a range of innovative products “DIOPTI” based on periocular aesthetic techniques. Their formula was enriched with peptides that form a shield to protect against blue light and periocular cellular damage. That formula was offering the product unique features and could build a niche market opportunity by combining the technology and the scientific endorsement by specialists in the skin. The brand strategic pathway was to use the range of products to recruit new consumers by building a marketing plan in a niche market

Our Customer Business Challenge

Differentiate the product range by having the scientific and medical endorsement about the effect of the blue light on the skin, coming from a medical team of Dermatology Key Opinion Leaders
Spread the scientific messages in both pharmacists & final consumers

More about the challenge

We had to find the answers to 5 key questions:

  1. How can dermatologists KOLs add value to the message that DIOPTI represents?
  2. What are the channels of communication between LIERAC and the dermatology society?
  3. What kind of partnership can we achieve?
  4. How can we educate everyone about the blue light effect?
  5. What kind of actions towards DIOPTI customers should we do while using the medical support?

Our Collabotation

Step 1

After building a meticulous and robust marketing plan in close cooperation with LIERAC leadership team of, we prepared the ground for the recruitment of three Key Opinion Leader dermatologists to utilise their voice as the scientific validation on the damages that can be caused by blue light in the skin of the periorbital area. Consequently, the necessity to protect the skin would be more than obvious and self-proven.

Step 2

We prepared a pitch presentation and presented it to the KOLs. Upon their agreement to be the brand ambassadors for LIERAC, we offered them the opportunity to trial the product range and built together the key messages to communicate to a large audience of pharmacists.

Step 3

We arranged to have a satellite symposium in the largest national congress for pharmacists. The scientific panel, consisted of our brand ambassadors, had a very interesting and interactive discussion with the attendants on the benefits of taking care of the skin against the effects of blue light.


A big audience constituted of key accounts and big pharmacy After the collaboration which was planned and executed along with the PR department of LIERAC, the marketing messages were vastly broadcasted amongst different media channels.

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