Our success story with a European Association in building dedicated Business Training Modules

Business Training Module in Collaboration with ESAG

The European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology, E.S.A.G. is a premier professional organization and educational body of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Gynecology. The organization is led by worldwide professionals, pioneers in the field and with unbeatable knowledge is presenting breakthrough research and surgical techniques that promote innovation in Cosmetic and Aesthetic surgical and non-surgical gynecology.

While exploring our collaboration model with the founder of ESAG, Dr. Alex Bader, we identified the rapid changes and evolution in the global Medical Aesthetics industry during the last decade. Thus, both parties agreed that, business and marketing fundamentals are becoming essential for every private practice pursuing the growth and the long-term success.

Our Collaboration Business Challenge

Support the need to each doctor / practice manager to think and act with business acumen, develop and follow a sustainable and profitable business model
Embed the Business Module in an existing and highly successful Medical training module of ESAG for both Invasive and Non-Invasive Aesthetic Gynecology
Help many Gynecologists practicing traditional OB/GYN to see the benefit of getting trained to Aesthetic Surgery. Switching their mindset has been another challenge for the way they would approach their patients

More about the challenge

Besides the general business principles, we had to take into consideration some special elements while building the training modules:

  1. Aesthetic Gynecology is a unique medical area and the way you approach your patients should be extremely cautious.
  2. How can a medical professional re-brand his practice towards his audience?
  3. How can we educate patients for the procedures available in the intimate area?
  4. Which marketing tools could have been utilised?

Our Collabotation

Step 1

After agreeing in our model of collaboration, we took “a deep dive” into the world of Aesthetic Gynecology. Dr. Bader’s experience and expertise in the field as well as his well-trained team has offered us great insight of the business and the way both surgeons and patients think and act.

Step 2

Taking into consideration the marketing principles that apply in every business, we used all the information and the insights acquired to fully adapt the training to the special needs of Aesthetic Gynecology professionals. The outcome was a Business Training Module incorporating a blend of learning methods towards the business growth in the Aesthetic Gynecology industry: interactive presentations, focus groups and role plays, business development tools and best practices sharing, they were all combined to offer the necessary knowledge to each trainee.

Step 3

By combining forces and brainstorming with a solid medical and business experience, we finalised the Aesthetic Gynecology Business & Marketing Training Module that offers the essential skills for a medical professional to work on:

• Understanding the Business Fundamentals for Aesthetic Gynecology
• Building the brand and the corporate messages
• Designing and implement a robust marketing strategy
• Identifying the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Focusing on business growth factors
• Setting success metrics
• Monitoring the Return of Investment (ROI) for every $ spent
• Conducting with excellence the “patients' journey” inside the clinic
• Doing repeat business with existing patients
• Building new business by attracting new patients
• Effectively managing the clinic staff


The Business Module was delivered in many countries and to hundreds of doctors who got engaged to the benefit of stepping up their business with the introduction of Aesthetic Gynecology in their practice. Business training was also delivered during ESAG World Congress in London in 2018 in front of an audience of more than 300 doctors. The feedback acquired by the trained doctors was phenomenal. The huge benefits from the medical training that ESAG offered them in combination with the business skills acquired offered them a significant business growth and a smooth and very successful embedment of Aesthetic Gynecology in their practice as a new and profitable business unit.

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