Our success story in collaboration with a European Flagship Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics Clinic

Business Coaching for Skinmed Clinic

Skinmed Clinic is a flagship for Romania in the field of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. It belongs to the Skinmed Group which is the only Organisation in Romania with 6 different business entities:

  1. Skinmed Clinic
  2. Skinmed Image Center
  3. Skinmed Acne Treatment Center
  4. Skinmed On-line Consultation Platform
  5. Skinmed E-shop
  6. Skinmed Training Academy

The founder and owner, Dr. Amalia – Elena Anghel is one of the top dermatologists and an international Key Opinion Leader. With her strong business acumen, she created a Dermatology Clinic of Excellence, offering a wide range of services to cover every patients’ need in both clinical and cosmetic aspect.

While exploring our collaboration model with Dr. Anghel, we identified the need for building a robust business and marketing strategy leading in an action plan to deal with the complex and very demanding business model that Skinmed has grown to be. Standard Operation Procedures, New projects, Business & Marketing Planning, Results Monitoring, and Patient Database Optimisation have been some of our priorities to cope with.

Our Strategic Imperatives

Invest on the heritage of thousands of patients that Skinmed has built as its database
Excellence in planning and executing in-clinic and digital marketing strategy
Setting and hitting high business targets
Build new business units within Skinmed Organisation

Our Collaboration Business Journey

Our main concern was to build a robust plan to maximise the repeat business generated by the existing patient database and to generate new business through new patients’ recruitment. New business lines within Skinmed would establish the doctors’ expertise and offer high quality treatments and great results. Skinmed Clinic team and Upmybusiness collaboration has offered some great business initiatives:

  • Business Key Performance Indicators and Specific Business Targets were set
  • Patient recalling and rewarding strategies were implemented with the support of Skinmed team.
  • Patients referral program and patient satisfaction surveys
  • Cross-selling and Up-selling strategies had a huge contribution to great business results
  • Solid in-clinic marketing, website optimisation, social media promotion strategy

Our Collabotation

Step 1

A detailed analysis of Business Results was done. After deciding on the business targets and the action plan with specific milestones, we started building SOPs and business tools that would allow us to implement our strategic imperatives

Step 2

We set up the plan with the resources to be used during the implementation of the business plan. Skinmed staff was appointed the respective accountabilities, metrics and tools were built and put into action, regular reporting was agreed, outsourcing for the new projects was initiated and new partnerships were established.

Step 3

In a monthly basis there has a full and detailed check on every function and every action decided. Constant monitoring for the results and assessing the impact of our business strategy had been our priority. Month by month, we were deciding on every “deviation” necessary for the optimisation of the business model


During our collaboration with Dr. Amalia – Elena Anghel and Skinmed Clinic for one year we are proud to have achieved some very impressive results, both qualitative and quantitative:

Qualitative results:

  • 2 new Business Unit Lines (Acne Treatment Center & Image Center)
  • Win-win partnerships (Baneasa Shopping Mall, Bioderma, Avene)
  • New Corporate Branding approach
  • Skinmed Academy Business Model
  • Establishment of all necessary Standard Operation Procedures
  • Effective Crisis Management
  • GDPR full compliance
  • CRM optimisation system

Quantitative results:

  • 12.450 treatments
  • 3.900 patients
  • 1050 services
  • 25 Doctors & Nurses
  • 10 treatment rooms
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