Product Launch Strategy

Product Launch Strategy

Launching a new product or a range of products in Medical Aesthetics market can be a very challenging project. While there isn’t a perfect formula for a product launch, there are definitely certain steps that you need to go through.

So, starting from your vision for your product we can design together a safe footpath to make your launch a success:

The deep understanding of the needs and the expectations of your potential customers:

Understand what your audience – Medical Aesthetics Practices – expects from a product and what kind of attributes are required for them to embed it in their business

Positioning and Messaging for your product:

It is important to start by answering three simple questions while building out your messaging:

  • Who is this product for?
  • What does this product do?
  • Why is this product different?

Planning and Timing Is Everything

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Set milestones and establish a firm production schedule and new product launch process.

  • Outline Launch Strategy & Product Development
  • Draft Product Description, Targeting, Positioning & Competitor Analysis
  • Determine Pricing & Commercial policy, Business priorities & Promotion Plan
  • Kick-off Promotion to targeted customers & Advertising in B2B and B2C channels
  • Trial Period & Soft Launch with KOLs – Auditing process
  • Email Announcement, Website & Social Media Updates
  • Official Launch / Sales Force engagement / Stand Alone Event with KOL

Talk to us and find out how our 20 years of experience and business expertise as well as our network of key stakeholders and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in the Medical Aesthetics Industry can help you achieve your targets and turn your vision for your product into a reality.

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