Staff Training

Staff Training

The most valuable resource for any organisation is its people.

The five golden rules for happy employees can be summarised in simple phrases:

  1. Communicate company goals and objectives
  2. Reward people for their hard work and achievements
  3. Engage staff emotionally in the business
  4. Embrace change – with caution
  5. Treat everyone as an individual

Moreover, your most important asset for your business, your people, need to be impeccably handling each step of the patient journey.

  • Patient Calls: How soon can patients get the information and treatment that they are calling about? How much confident do you feel that the communicated message is correct?
  • Schedule Appointment: How much possible is that patients book at their convenience? If not, how are the alternatives handled?
  • Patient check-in: Who welcomes the patients? Are they informed for a possible delay? Do I offer a coffee or a refreshment drink?
  • Consultation: Do patients easily get the information they need to make a decision?
  • Treatment: Does the overall experience exceed your patients’ expectations?
  • Check-out / Follow-up: Is check-out procedure well designed? Are the patients given after treatment instructions and a contact person in case of an emergency?

Our staff training module can help your people go to the next level of making the patient journey an unforgettable experience and turn your database into your best brand ambassadors. Mouth to mouth marketing is always an efficient way to grow your business. Make the most of it.

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