Critical Success Factors for patient retention

One of the key factors for the success of every business, regardless what it is about, is doubtlessly the retention of the existing customers. Does it sound easy? Does the businessman make sure that everything needed is done? Are the results of the retention rate monitored and measured? Is the staff aligned with this scope? You can go through the article below and get some tips that every manager should consider while running a successful business:

Strong Physician Leadership

Provide clear direction and vision.

Challenge and inspire staff to achieve a shared vision.

Reward success in achieving practice goals.

Maintain open communication with employees.

Take the time to educate staff on clinical aspects of new procedures.


A Well Trained and Highly Motivated Staff

Commitment of staff members.

Knowledge and competence; practice commitment to staff education.

Attitude (passionate and polite).

Advocates of service offerings (personal experience with treatments).


Traits of Best in Class Practices

Dedicated patient coordinator.

Consistent in message delivery to patients.

Employee benefits (financial incentives, cosmetic treatments, etc.).

High morale.

Low turnover.

Utilize staff incentive program. Components include:

Reward system tied to new patients and patient retention.


Aesthetic Patient Coordinator Position

Dedicated position – driven by consultation demand in the practice.

If appropriate, use existing staff – empower employees to perform duties of the position.


Measure and Benchmark Practice Performance

Tools and systems in place to track results.

Periodically review results and act upon negative variances.


Attractive Practice Facility

Office environment clean, professional and inviting.

Modern or current décor

Professional appearance of staff.


Proactive Cross-Selling Programs

Create awareness of other service offerings.

Offer bundles of products and/or services.


Commitment to Excellence in Service

Provide ease of access (time of day; location) for patient scheduling.

Train staff members on customer service.

Encourage and reward outstanding service.



“Systems and routines you develop will directly affect practice operations. Developing effective ways to use the telephone will increase revenues and promote quality in your practice.”